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Learn Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts with New Keyboard Shortcut

Gmail just made it easier to learn its large assortment of keyboard shortcuts: Press the question-mark key on your keyboard and a shortcut reference guide pops up. It's even transparent, so it doesn't fully obscure the Gmail goodness behind it.

Before you can use shortcuts (including the new reference guide), you have to enable them. Click Settings, then tick "Keyboard shortcuts on."

Keep in mind that you can't just hit the question-mark key by itself to bring up the guide; you have to hold down Shift, just like you would when adding a question mark to typed text. Ironically, pressing the key by itself produces a slash, which is Gmail's shortcut for moving the cursor to the Search box. If you do that, and then remember, "Oh, rats, I need to hold down shift," all you'll get is a question mark inside the Search field.

Okay, show of hands: Who loves keyboard shortcuts? I use them constantly in Word, but haven't really embraced them in Gmail. [via Lifehacker]

Rick Broida

Rick Broida, a technology writer for more than 20 years, is the author of more than a dozen books. In addition to writing CNET's The Cheapskate blog, he contributes to CNET's iPhone Atlas.

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