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The MP3 revolution rolls on. That's the technology that compresses music from CDs or other sources...and turns them into files you can store on your PC or in handheld MP3 players. Distribution over the Internet lets unknown bands... this one is called Houseblend.....get heard around the world. And adding to the fun on the PC side is the ability to create your own videos that play along with the music using a free tool called Lava from Creative Labs.'s Mike Barnes....

"It's essentially interactive 3D music software. The Lava player itself is around a five megabyte download, about the same size as an MP3 file. You can playlist MP3 audio files, but the really unique part of it is that it will display a fully interactive 3D music video which animates along with the audio."
I don't want to date myself, but it's kind of psychedelic. You don't just watch the Lava music videos, the free software lets you create your own....

"And what we're finding is that the Gen Y listener is really looking for something more like a gaming experience."
You'll need a pretty souped up PC with 3D graphics. Again the site, is

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