Laughing Matters: This Week's Five Funniest Media Stories

Last Updated May 21, 2010 1:24 PM EDT

In this week's five funniest media stories, Brian Williams, Lost and Pacman:
  1. To honor the 30th anniversary of Pacman, Google turns its logo into a playable version of the game. (Use your arrow keys.) Genius.
  2. The Philadelphia Inquirer is adding some 3D to its newspaper next month, so break out your dorky glasses. Seriously. Like this will save the newspaper industry?
  3. Newsweek reporters try to have a serious discussion with the random people they meet on ChatRoulette. They fail.
  4. Reimagined endings to Lost, paying homage to Saturday Night Live, M*A*S*H, Dallas, Planet of the Apes, and more.
  5. Greece's problems got you down? No worries. Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams slow jam the Greece debt crisis.
Have a good weekend.