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Laugh Your Way Through a Boring Job

Most of us have taken a mind-numbing job to pay the bills. Mine was washing dishes by hand at a restaurant. Yours might have been back-room filing, cleaning bathrooms or mixing the secret sauce down at the local chicken shack.

It's dirty, dispiriting, demoralizing work that somebody has to do, and at one point in your life that someone was you. Maybe you have tasks today that bring back those feelings.

Steven DeMaio tackles the issue in his Harvard Business Publishing post, How to Make the Best of the Worst Job. His solution:

"The ways to cope with dehumanizing work are many, but I think one trumps them all: turning the misery itself into a source of joy."
For DeMaio, that meant creating a game with his colleagues around his job of copying death certificates.You'll have to read his post to see how fun death can be.

So how did you get through back then, or today?