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Latest White House fence jumper has courtroom outburst

The latest person apprehended for jumping the fence at the White House, Dominic Adesanya, was declared "not competent" in a preliminary mental health screening ordered by the court.

Adesanya was arrested on Oct. 22 after he scaled the fence and was apprehended by Secret Service Uniformed Division K-9 teams and Uniformed Division Officers. When he first appeared in court last Thursday, he was charged with two misdemeanors: unlawfully entering the White House grounds and harming animals used in law enforcement.

Guard dogs help thwart latest White House fence-jumper

After a court-mandated screening he was ordered released to the custody of the attorney general for evaluation and treatment - the same fate as Omar Gonzalez, the man who jumped the White House fence and made it well inside the building in mid-September.

After Judge John Facciola announced his finding, Adesanya yelled, "I am competent. I don't have a condition!" Facciola attempted to quiet him, but Adesanya became more agitated, yelling, "This is a trap! This is a scheme!" A U.S. Marshal then forcibly removed him from the courtroom.

Even after he was carried out, Adesanya's screams for help could be heard from the hallways, CBS News producer Paula Reid reports. Amid the sounds of him struggling with guards and a loud slamming, a U.S. Marshal was heard telling him, "You've got to calm down."

Adesanya is due for another hearing in Superior Court Monday afternoon, but it is unclear whether he will attend. He is due back in court on Dec. 22 to review to the results of his further evaluation.

Each of the two misdemeanors is punishable by up to a year in prison. They are on hold pending further competency evaluation.

CBS News Producer Paula Reid contributed to this report.