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Latest Save the Day video introduces the “Fraud Squad,” committed to stopping voter fraud

In his latest get-out-the-vote PSA for Save the Day, director Joss Whedon introduces audiences to a new team of crimefighters out to stop election fraud -- but their exploits are not terribly action-packed. 

The Save the Day campaign -- which Whedon kicked off with the star-studded “Important” video -- has been aimed squarely at the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump. The latest installment tackles Trump’s latest claims about widespread voter fraud.

In the video, Minka Kelly, Anders Holm and Luis Guzman star as the leads in an exciting police procedural called “Fraud Squad,” about a team of detectives tasked with combatting just that problem. There’s just one catch: They don’t have much to actually combat. 

As the video explains, instances of actual voter fraud have been startlingly rare -- 31 cases out of a billion cast ballots over a 14-year period, for instance. The video also points out that efforts to combat voter fraud have been used disproportionately to target African-American voters. 

So the Fraud Squad is left to tackle less-exciting topics, like what to order for lunch. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have an exciting cop show-style intro.  

FRAUD SQUAD by Save The Day . Vote on YouTube
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