Latest Recession Layoff: Bye-Bye Tiger Woods!

In a cost-cutting move, GM is laying off the great Tiger Woods.

The New York Times reported the amicable parting on Monday. Woods, the story said, looks forward to more quality family time. GM obviously can use the estimated $7.5 million per year it pays to the greatest golfer in the world to hawk Buick. (More money to fuel the GM corporate jet fleet?)

What celebrity endorsers are next to feel the cold steel? My hit list:

  • Jason Alexander for KFC (Question: is Alexander really a celebrity these days? It's been 10 years since the final Seinfeld episode after all.)
  • Jessica Simpson for Pizza Hut. Keep walking those boots!
  • Lindsay Lohan for Proactiv. Is acne the worst of her problems?
But please DirectTV, pay Beyonce whatever she wants!

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