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KMart CMO Takes A Courageous Step For What He Believes

It's not every day you see someone walk the talk. There's a lot of posturing out there in the business world, a lot of saying one thing and doing another.

Not so with KMart CMO Bill Stewart. Make that soon-to-be-ex-CMO Bill Stewart.
Stewart announced last week that he will leave the retailer on June 30 to become a full-time volunteer with Equality for All, which is leading the campaign against a ballot initiative to ban gay marriage in California.

Stewart told Advertising Age:

"We've had a great run and come a long way toward our goal of getting America to take another look at what we have to offer," Mr. Stewart told Advertising Age.

But he said he felt personally compelled to go in a different direction because of a historic vote approaching in California. "It was something that personally was so important to me that I felt I needed to do everything possible," he said.