Kiss Off These Workplace Nicknames

Presidents and coaches might get away with it, but corporate bosses had better stay away from it.
Workplace nicknames are the kiss of disrespect for women, according to U.K. consumer research firm OnePoll.
Women don't have much tolerance for this kind of nonsense. Their opinions about workplace pet names ranged all the way from unacceptable to infuriating in the company's survey of 3,000 working women. "These results show that women clearly aren't happy to be called anything other than their name," said a Onepoll mouthpiece. "The impression we got was to stay away from" pet names in the workplace.

Taking into consideration that this is U.K. lingo, here are the Ten Most Hated Nicknames.

1. Love

2. Darlin'

3. Babe

4. Mate

5. Hon

6. Kiddo

7. Chick/Chicken

8. Dear

9. Poppet

10. Pet

Got any American equivalents to share?

Image courtesy of Morguefile contributor EmmiP.