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Kid Rock sells pro-Trump t-shirts due to "overwhelming demand"

Kid Rock is showing his support for Donald Trump by selling pro-red state “current event merch” thanks to “overwhelming demand,” according to a tweet he wrote.

The Detroit-based singer has several T-shirts, some with explicit language, slamming blue states. 

One T-shirt says, “GOD GUNS & TRUMP,” while another is a post-election map of the U.S. with red states labeled “United States of America” and blue states called “Dumbf***istan.” 

The musician is also selling red caps that say “Make America Bad*** Again” and a pro-Trump T-shirt that slams the president-elect’s detractors and refers to a sexual act. 

Kid Rock has been very vocal about his support for Trump. He told Rolling Stone in February, “I’m digging Trump ... My feeling: let the motherf***ing business guy run it like a f***ing business. And his campaign has been entertaining as s***.” 

Kid Rock is selling pro-Trump t-shirts.  Kid Rock/Warner Bros.
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