Kick Up Your Heels!

(CBS/Kate Morris)
Some days one story will spark our interest and we'll chat about a certain subject all morning. Today, it was high heels. Dr. Emily Senay did a story about how damaging they are for some women and what we can do about it.

One of her best tips: try shoes on at night when your feet are more swollen to make sure they fit as well as possible. Of course, while it's better not to wear them at all, I love my heels just like the next girl.

The problem is you simply can't wear high heels and walk more than two blocks in our beloved New York City. Remember the "Sex in the City" girls tottering on their Manolos? Not in the real world.

In fact, when actress Kyra Sedgwick stopped by to chat about her great show "The Closer," we compared shoes (that's us in the photo above) and found out we each had the same strategy: wear flats around town and take the heels in our purse.

People in New York City walk everywhere, so you have to have a definite shoe strategy! Actress Tea Leoni stopped in later and lamented that she had on heels last night when taking her dad to dinner, and that her feet were killing her today after walking the streets of the Big Apple!

By the way, I even take my shoes off during the show, but that's because I am so much taller than everyone else. At almost 5'10", I tower over just about everyone, so often I will kick off my heels when we are standing outside on the plaza. I didn't have enough time to do that before weather today and was caught on camera with our fill-in weather man Lonnie, telling him to get up on his tippy toes so we could look eye to eye! It was pretty funny.

But even though I'm tall and I know heels are bad for me, I just can't give them up! They're too fun and too sexy. But here's my advice if you visit New York: Don't venture down the sidewalks with them. Leave that to Sarah Jessica Parker.