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KFC Blamed for Racist KyoChon Ad

Even after KFC pulled an ad that triggered accusations of racism in the U.S., the blogosphere is still full of calls to boycott the company.

KFC has a history of this sort of thing, critics say -- and then they link to a YouTube video with the title "Korean Racist KFC Commercial."

Yes, the ad is racist. However, it's not a KFC ad. It's made by KyoChon, a Korean chicken chain. KyoChon has begun to establish its presence in the U.S., so angry bloggers could conceivably push for a boycott of the Korean company. Instead, most seem to be mindlessly linking to other blogs that say KFC is to blame, and paying no attention to the "KyoChon" logo that appears within the ad itself. Oops.

The ad in question stars a Korean guy who stumbles into a group of blacks depicted as stereotypical savages. The blacks are clearly prepared to eat the Korean, but then he uses his magic powers to produce a bunch of fried chicken they can eat instead. Looking back at KFC's controversial Australian ad, I can't resist saying (in an Australian accent), "That's not a racist ad...

...That's a racist ad."

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