Ken Is Out, Not Robert

America exercised its right to vote Ken out of the "Cupid" bachelor pad and out of Lisa's life.

Ken was tossed of the show on Aug. 26, after he had some problems keeping his temper on a date with children.

Robert, the suitor most viewers of The Early Show want eliminated next, suffered the wrath of all three women after enlisting the kids' help to lure Lisa into kissing him. But once again, he proved himself to be the Teflon Suitor, and escaped elimination.

At the bachelor house, both Robert and Ken admitted the axe could fall on them next and both said they were growing tired of constantly being on the receiving end of everyone's criticism. As Ken put it, "I don't need to get thrown under the bus every week on national TV."

Now, he doesn't have to worry.

With Ken's departure, the gallery of bachelors has dwindled down to six who are competing for Lisa's hand in marriage.

And once again, The Early Show viewers were surprised by the voting results. For the fourth week in a row, the majority of viewers, 67 percent, thought that Robert was going to get the boot. Only 12 percent wanted to see Ken go.

Now, if you did not agree with America about Ken, don't fret. You might get a chance to date him or The Early Show's very own Dave Price.

For a chance to date the "Cupid" bachelors, visit the Cupid Web site to get a entry for dates with the castoff bachelor each week. And for a chance to date weatherman Dave Price, just go to's "Dave" page.

Also don't forget to tell us who you think will be the next suitor shown to the door on "Cupid." Starting at 9 a.m. ET, The Early Show poll resumes. (Remember: it is not official voting for "Cupid.") The poll will be open until the next time "Cupid" airs, at 9 p.m. ET, with results announced on The Early Show the following morning.

Voting in The Early Show "Cupid" poll will continue weekly in the same pattern until all but one bachelor is left.

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The first person America voted out of the bachelor pad was Rob followed by Scott. In both instances The Early Show viewers voted Robert out of Lisa's life. Robert got 61 and 56 percent of the votes respectively.