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Katrina: Examining The Disaster

Here is a list of key links to government reports and highlights of CBS News coverage of the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.


In "Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later," FEMA details its expenditures on housing assistance for Katrina victims, the extent of debris removal from Katrina-affected areas and its steps for 2006 hurricane season readiness.
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Louisiana Recovery Authority
The Louisiana Recovery Authority Project's Katrina Anniversary data reveals everything from business damage estimates for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita to unemployment insurance claims, home-rebuilding progress and the status of tourism in the state.
The Report

Brookings Reports
In this report, the Brookings Institution examines the quality of decision-making in the recovery process; it addresses how the federal, state, and local governments are performing to make over New Orleans. It also evaluates how the overall recovery response has unfolded in meeting the goals of "creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous New Orleans."
Katrina Report

Another Brookings report builds on the Katrina Index, a "monthly snapshot" begun in December 2005, which has monitored the recovery process in New Orleans and in LA and MS. This report focuses exclusively on the status of recovery in the New Orleans area.
Katrina Index

Red Cross
The Red Cross reviews the year following Hurricane Katrina in terms of the number of: volunteers who served, people who were helped, meals and relief packages that were provided, and shelters that were opened.
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Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund
The Bush Clinton Katrina Fund indicates that roughly 60,000 donors have contributed more than $129 million to the recovery effort on the Gulf Coast. The Fund explains how that money has been delegated.
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Nearly a year after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, the latest poll numbers show most people aren't happy with the recovery efforts.
The Poll


The Gulf Coast Disaster coverage of the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast.


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Katrina Photos Then & Now

By The Numbers

Gulf Coast Images

After The Storm


New Orleans: One Year Later
Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans a year ago, and CBS News national correspondent Byron Pitts has been covering the story ever since. He recently spent some time with the man in charge of bringing the city back to life, Mayor Ray Nagin

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