Katie Couric's Notebook: Tyler Clementi

When Tyler Clementi moved into his Rutgers University dorm this fall, I'm sure he wanted what every freshman wants - to make friends, get good grades, fit in. He was a shy kid, by all accounts, and a talented violinist.

But his new home soon turned treacherous when Tyler's roommate and another student allegedly used a webcam to broadcast him hooking up with another male student. Three days later, he killed himself.

If Tyler were gay, studies suggest, he was probably harassed before and he was four times more likely than a straight student to commit suicide. His roommate might not have known that, but that doesn't let him off the hook.

Ironically, Rutgers just launched an initiative called Project Civility to encourage compassion on campus. But those lessons need to start much earlier at home.

Kids come to college to learn about themselves and others but it's never too early to teach children about tolerance.

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.