Katie Couric's Notebook: Three's A Crowd

You probably remember the scrappy Texas billionaire Ross Perot, and his 1992 presidential campaign. 

His outsider appeal and anti-Washington rhetoric won him nearly a fifth of the vote, and destroyed any chance for Bush's re-election.

But two years later, there was another three-way race most people have probably forgotten. Ollie North ran for Senate in Virginia. 

After he won the GOP primary, a moderate Republican challenged him as an Independent. They both lost to a Democrat in a year that was otherwise a blood bath for the blue column.

And now, in Alaska, history may repeat itself. That Senate race should have been a layup for Republicans, but tea party-backed Joe Miller and incumbent Lisa Murkowski have made this a fight to the finish.

Suddenly, Democrat Scott McAdams has a slim chance of being more than an "also-ran" in the Last Frontier.

We'll find out tomorrow night if the old cliche holds true - that in politics - three's a crowd.

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.