Katie Couric's Notebook: "Intelligence" Committee?

Hi, everyone.

At a time when western intelligence agencies have struggled to get good information on Iraq, Iran, North Korea, and other hot spots…it's essential that congressional leaders know how to hold our intelligence services accountable for getting the job done.

The journalists at the magazine Congressional Quarterly felt the same way.

They asked several important members of Congress--including incoming Intelligence chairman Silvestre Reyes--basic questions about terror groups like al-Qaeda, which attacked us on 9/11, and Hezbollah, which Israel fought last summer...and is on the brink of taking over Lebanon.

And Reyes -- as well as several others, all of whom are paid to understand this stuff--didn't have a clue. No matter how you feel about 'gotcha' journalism, we should all agree that America can't confront these threats unless we understand them.

And before people start considering the Intelligence Committee...an oxymoron.

That's a page from my notebook.