Katie Couric's Notebook: Date Night

On their very first date, Barack and Michelle Obama walked, talked, and went to a museum.

They have obviously come a long way.

This weekend, as President and First Lady, it was a meal at a toney Manhattan restaurant and then a Broadway play.

It took three Gulfstream jets, three helicopters and a motorcade...to have an intimate night out on the town.

The White House hasn't reported how much the date cost taxpayers, but Republicans are crying foul already. Some are saying it may not have sent the right message...just a day before G-M announced bankruptcy filings.

Opponents tend to put down how president's spend their down time. Democrats bristled at President Bush's more than 70 trips to the Crawford ranch.

The Obamas say they wanted to just take the shuttle...but secret service wouldn't allow it.

That might be a good reason to keep that next date...a little closer to home.

That's a page from my notebook.