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Justin Bieber's New Fragrance or, How to Cash in on a Teen Pop Cash Cow

Haven't caught a whiff of Bieber fever yet? Just wait until Black Friday. Eau de Justin Bieber, err, the My World fragrance collection is set to hit the shelves of Walmart (WMT) on November 26. Expect hordes of teeny-boppers to swarm stores to snatch the signature scents of the half-pint-sized hitmaker.

Skeptical about the saleability of a 16-year old guy's take on perfume? Don't be. The whole package is kind of genius, really. Here's why:

He's not concocting it -- Duh. Like so many celebrity scent peddlers, Bieber's working with qualified experts to create and market the collection. The newly-formed company Etoile Nation Beauty is helmed by former Coty senior marketing exec Michael Ferrara with Jerry Mastellon and Richard Blanch (co-founders of Le Métier de Beauté). Etoile will be flanked by Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun and Universal Music Group, which owns Bieber's record label Island Records.

It's not fruity -- Bieber may not be behind the beakers of bergamot and other notes going into the four scents dubbed Icon, Energy, Tour and Web, but he knows what he likes (hint: it's not the ubiquitous faux fruit that permeates every body wash and shampoo aimed at tweens and teens). "They actually brought me a bunch of stuff to smell today," he told WWD. "One of them smelled too young, too fruity. One was really good." Cue a collective deep sigh of relief.

It's not just for girls -- Though his fan base is heavily skewed to squealing "Bieber beliebers," the team hopes that the unisex appeal of My World will help them cash in on young boys a la Calvin Klein's (PVH) smash hit, ck One. Industry sources estimate My World fragrances to ring in $75 million within the first year.

It doesn't come in a bottle -- Why buy something that has to sit on a dresser or bathroom counter when you can sport the scent in a wristband or a dog tag? The accessories approach maximizes retail opportunity two ways. A patented resin embedded into the wristbands and necklaces allows kids to show off their Bieber devotion, mix scents, and swap with their friends for favorites. Can you say, "collect 'em all?"

The price is right -- $10 for each item is just enough to make margin and encourage kids to spend their allowance.

The promotion is spot-on -- Bieber catapulted to stardom on the coat tails of his homemade YouTube videos. Most of My World's marketing will be managed in similar viral fashion, heavy on the Twitter updates. Oh, and free samples will be given out at Bieber's book signings. He wrote a memoir, you know. It's titled First Step 2 Forever.

Timing is even better -- In time for the holiday shopping frenzy? Check. In time to pair with the Bieb's other foray into beauty? Check. The Canadian crooner's line of OPI nail polish will debut exclusively at Walmart in December. Potential stocking stuffers in the "One Less Lonely Girl" collection inspired by Bieber's hits include a glittery silver Give Me The First Dance; Me + Blue dark blue; and the heart-shaped glitter-infused Step 2 the Beat of My Heart.

Bieber's also open to the possibility of collaborating on footwear. Smells like teen spirit.

Image via Flickr user kindofadraag CC 2.0