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Just what we need: A camera for better selfies

The selfie is here to stay. Check your Facebook feed for confirmation. Or check out what Samsung is debuting: The NX Mini, also known as the ultimate selfie camera.

The NX Mini, which starts at $449, gives you a new advantage for all those wide-eyed, puckered-lip, hollowed cheek shots. It can turn anyone into a selfie master with one feature: an LCD screen that flips 180 degrees so you can see yourself as you shoot.

The camera will even automatically shoot when you wink at the screen. It then uses Wi-fi to send those photos to your phone and elsewhere.

It's just another sign that we haven't yet reached peak selfie, as Wired calls it. People have taken photos of themselves giving the thumbs up at Holocaust memorials and cracking a smile as suicidal bridge jumpers stood in the background. A selfie-seeking student recently climbed atop a 19th-century statue in Italy for a good shot -- and ended up breaking the statue's leg off.

Now, Samsung and other hardware makers are coming up with selfie accessories. What better prop for defacing priceless Italian art than a selfie stick? That's an extendable metal wand that you can mount your camera on and hoist in the air for a more panoramic view.

Software add-ons for selfies are big, too. Apple (AAPL) just added an entire selfie section to its App Store, featuring different programs, such as Frontback, that are ideal for such photos. Another program, Picr, even reminds you to take a photo of yourself every day. But judging from the Instagram selection out there, few people are actually going to need reminding. Even the Pope and President Obama are in on the action.

Are selfies the height of arrogant self-indulgence or a personal creative outlet? The debate rages on, but one fact is crystal clear: With new cameras and accessories expressly tailored to the self-photo, this trend is far from dying.
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