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Juror #4 Not Forgotten Just Yet

One of the side notes to Sen. Ted Stevens' (R-Alaska) corruption trial was what happened to Juror #4. On Monday, Judge Emmet Sullivan will have a hearing to determine what response, if any, he should take.

Juror #4 left the deliberations following the death of her father and flew to California. The jury deliberations were suspended for a day - last Friday - in order to allow her to make that trip.

But the juror in question, who had sat through the entire month-long trial, failed to respond to calls from court officials on whether she would be able to return. An alternate juror was appointed instead on Monday, and the jury went ahead and unanimously convicted Stevens on all seven corruption charges he faced.

But Judge Sullivan hasn't forgotten the incident, and Juror #4 will find herself hauled into court to explain "why you have to respond to the Court's numerous and continued attempts to communicate with you beginning on Friday, October 24, 2008, and contuinuing through October 29, 2008, regarding your obligations as a deliberating juror in this matter," according to an order sent out by Sullivan.

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