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June Deals: 4 Things to Buy Now

June is a fabulous month to spend browsing through the mall or in stores...and not just for the free AC. From cheap gym passes to dollar-priced movie tickets, June has its fair share of deals during the month. Keep an eye out for the following discounts:

Just in time for Father's Day, retailers â€" from Lowe's to Walmart - tend to reduce their prices on indoor and outdoor tools, according to researchers at In fact, Sears is offering 15% off all tools purchased on its site. The promotion expires today, June 2, but I have a feeling there will be more similar deals to come.

Caribbean Deals also suggest looking for travel deals to the Caribbean this month. It's hurricane season there, which means airlines and hotels won't be as crowded. Expect to see low fares from Spirit, in particular: The airline is currently running a $9 ticket sale that ends at midnight on June 3. (Keep in mind: You might want to look into travel insurance if you travel to the Caribbean this summer.)

Gym Passes
Gyms tend to experience a summer slowdown, according to health and fitness Web site I just noticed that at MySportsClub, a chain in New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia, they're offering a 30-day trial for $30. That's just a dollar per day! No matter your gym, now is your chance to negotiate. Ask the salesperson to give you a one-week pass to try it out, then waive the initiation fee and lower the monthly price ... or just ask them to tack on a free month. Remember: Gym prices are never set in stone.

I'm getting my apartment painted next week and thank goodness we have air conditioning, because otherwise the painters would roast. It turns out the summer is not a very popular time to paint indoors for that very reason. According to's Best Time to Buy Guide, June and the summer months are the best time to find bargain prices on paint. Janovic is running a special on paint at the month, offering $5 off every gallon of select Benjamin Moore paints through July 15.

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