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Judge KOs Dodgers Subpoenas

A judge on Thursday struck down 19 subpoenas that a Chicago Cubs fan had served on Los Angeles Dodgers players and coaches as the result of a brawl at Wrigley Field.

Lawyers for the Dodgers said Judge Donald J. Suriano of Cook County agreed that the 19 players and coaches had no information important enough in this misdemeanor case that it warranted forcing the Dodgers to fly to Chicago during the baseball season.

Seven more subpoenas in a related case will be at issue in court next month.

The Dodgers' lawyers contended the subpoenas were designed to harass the Dodgers.

The subpoenas struck down Thursday were served by one of three Chicago Cubs fans charged with disorderly conduct after the brawl on May 26. A motion to strike down subpoenas served by the second fan is still pending. A third fan charged with disorderly conduct did not subpoena any Dodgers.

The brawl began when a fan grabbed Chad Kreuter's hat as the backup catcher for the Dodgers sat in the Wrigley Field bullpen, which is separated from the crowd by only a chest-high wall. Kreuter went into the stands and several Dodgers followed, trading punches with fans.

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