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Joyce Silva, 87, gets 18 traffic tickets; she doesn't drive

MANTECA, Calif. - Joyce Silva is 87, has arthritis and doesn't drive. Still, the Northern California woman was hit with 18 traffic tickets worth $1475.

How did that happen?

The tickets show Joyce's name, and her Manteca address, but they're for a white Acura.

"I don't own an Acura. I don't want an Acura," she told.

The station says it learned the dealership that sold the Acura confused two Joyce Silva's. Acura of Pleasanton, Calif. says it sold the car to Joyce F. Silva of Pleasanton.

But by mistake, they say, it got registered to Joyce S. Silva of Manteca -- the one getting all those tickets even without the car - and who was in the dealership's database because she once did buy a car from a neighboring Lexus dealership, which just so happens to share the database with the Acura folks.


Joyce S. Silva says she's been fighting city hall, and transit authorities, for a year, but still owes for the tickets.

"I'm mad about it," she told told the station.

CBS Sacramento says Joyce S. was still on the hook for 18 violations, even though the Accura dealer says it fixed the problem in May. The station says it then reached out to each of the ticketing authorities -- the San Francisco MTA, city of Dublin and FasTrak - and that every ticket was corrected.

John Goodwin, the spokesperson for Bay Area FasTrak called it a unique situation and told the station it didn't know about the dealership error until CBS Sacramento brought it to their attention directly.

Joyce S. Silva is now free and clear of that $1475 ticket burden.

"A big weight off my shoulders," she said.

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