Journalist Offers Bite-Sized PR Tips

If reading PR tips in blog items like this takes too long, you should check out Rafe Needleman's ProPRTips. He offers PR tips in bite-sized chunks that look like they came from Twitter.

The reason they look like "tweets" is that, in fact, they are tweets. Needleman started offering his PR tips on Twitter and then decided to post them as a blog too, for those of us not yet into Twitter.


A-list bloggers are like angry, spoiled schoolgirls. Calibrate your pitches accordingly.

It would be good if your product ships before the T-Shirt you gave me wears out.

If you're interested in Rafe's thoughts on this project, head over to Sam Whitmore's Media Survey, where you'll find a podcast with Rafe. BTW, if you're in tech media PR or related areas (and what's not related these days?), check out Sam's top-flight offerings. He provides tech media news, research, analysis and consulting to an impressive PR client base.