Josie Lou Ratley Update: Texts Released in Steel-Toed Boot Attack

Wayne Treacy in court
CBS Miami
Wayne Treacy (WFOR)

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. (CBS/WFOR) As Josie Lou Ratley recovers from the brutal steel-toed stomping allegedly perpetrated by a high school student almost two months ago, the case against her alleged attacker, Wayne Treacy, continues to unfold.

PICTURES: Josie Lou Ratley, Steel-Toed Attack Victim

Documents recently released by the State Attorney's Office contain texts, said to be retrieved from Treacy's phone, sent in the hours leading up to the brutal beating outside of Deerfield Beach Middle School, in Deerfield Beach, Fla. north of Fort Lauderdale.

The texts show the outrage that Treacy is said to have felt at messages he allegedly received from Ratley, about his brother who had committed suicide a few months before, and about Treacy's relationship with one of Ratley's friends.

The first text listed in the documents, obtained by CBS affiliate WFOR, shows an exchange between Ratley and Treacy where Ratley calls him a "rapest." The text from Ratley to Treacy that reportedly "set him off" - the one about his brother who recently committed suicide - was not released.

Josie Lou Ratley (Rick Freedman/Family Attorney)

Over the next several hours between that text and the time the beating occurred, Treacy allegedly texted with friends about his increasing anger and violent intentions towards Ratley, according to WFOR.

PICTURES: Josie Lou Ratley, Steel-Toed Attack Victim

One text at 12:11 pm reads, "This b---- knows my brother dead, said sum s--- to me about him. She goes to DBMS, i'm going to kill her."

One friend texts him, "how u guna kill her?"

Treacy responds, "Snap her neck then stomp her skull. Fastest way I could uhink of."

In a text to a friend explaining what Ratley did to make him so angry he writes "this bxtch ran her mouth bout my bro who she knew is dead, nao i want her head. Um waiting nao. She gets outta skwl in 40 min."

Then, just minutes after the beating, Treacy allegedly texts a friend: "I just tried to kill sum1. Im going to prison."

Treacy's attorney, Russell Williams, entered a written plea of not guilty to the charge of attempted first degree murder April 20. Treacy is being charged as an adult. Williams said everyone is pulling for Josie Ratley's recovery and that his client is not a bad person.

"From the point where he found his brother and his brother died, everything in his life changed from that point forward," Williams told WFOR. "You're looking at some type of post traumatic stress disorder and unfortunately for Josie she was the one that pushed a button."

PICTURES: Josie Lou Ratley, Steel-Toed Attack Victim

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