Jordan Testifies In Lawsuit

Michael Jordan denied in court Monday he failed to go through with making the movie Heaven is a Playground because of the relatively small amount of money he would have received.

The or $350,000, while he later signed a $4 million deal to make Space Jam.

Lawyer Robert Maland, representing the producers of Heaven is a Playground, asked Jordan if that didn't give his agent sufficient incentive to steer him away from the movie.

"No," Jordan said.

Jordan and agent David Falk contend the producers of Heaven is a Playground failed to come up with adequate financing for the movie.

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Chicago Bulls superstar had agreed to appear in the 1991 movie f

Jordan said he would have wanted to consider making a different movie if he hadn't been tied to Heaven is a Playground.

He said, however, that he didn't know if any other movie offers came to his agent at the time.

The movie ultimately was made with former Loyola Marymount star Bo Kimble in the role Jordan was to have played. It bombed at the box office.

The producers are seeking between $16 million and $20 million in damages, or what they believe could have been the film's profit.

Jordan maintains both sides agreed to postpone the film, and he has countersued, alleging the producers knowingly misled him about financing.

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