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Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert 'Pay Homage' to BNET Advertising

Is it just me, or are The Daily Show and The Colbert Report getting their material from BNET Advertising? Compare and contrast the following items:

Earlier this month, Jon Stewart did a bit on trendspotters and their ludicrous predictions. It riffed specifically on Ann Mack of JWT, and later in the item Jason Jones used the line: "trendspotters go on news shows and describe something that's already happening, as though it's coming":

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The tone of the piece bore an eerie resemblance to my BNET item of Jan. 5, which mocked Mack's assertion that bacon cocktails will become trendy in 2010. I described her M.O. as "assuming that something which is already going on will continue to occur (and naming it as a 'trend')." (That line itself was essentially plagiarized from my Mack-dissection the year before, which said: "trendspotters simply take something that is already going on (unemployment, advanced mobile phones), assume correctly that it will continue to happen, and then name it as a trend they're predicting.")

Separately, a few months earlier, Stephen Colbert did this item on Miracle Whip's "Don't be so mayo" campaign (by ad agency McGarryBowen):

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The item came a short while after my take on the same thing.

As long as I've got your attention, Comedy Central writing staff, check out this Dominos Pizza campaign. It is ripe for the Stewart/Colbert treatment.