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Jon Stewart Rally: The Signs

Attendees of the "Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear" on the National Mall on October 30, 2010 in Washington, D.C. Scott Gries/PictureGroup via AP Images

Presented without comment, some of the slogans seen on signs at the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear" on the Mall in Washington today:

"Keep Big Government Out of my Cauldron." (showing Christine O'Donnell as a witch.)

"If you want to be me, be me. And if you want to be you, be you. Or, if you want to be a witch, that's OK, too!"

"I doubt this sign will change your opinion."

"I won't tread on you if you don't stomp on me."

"The status quo sucks."

Thousands gather for the "Rally to Restore Sanity" and "Keep Fear Alive" rallies hosted by comedians and television hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, on the National Mall in Washington, D.C, on October 30, 2010. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

"Restore Sanity. Fight Fox."

"drink tea, don't think tea."

"tea parties are for little girls."

"I support reasonable conclusions based on supported facts."

"civil is sexy."

"I'm for the separation of church and hate."

"Guacamole" (followed by a recipe for guacamole.)

"Teabaggers leave a bad taste in my mouth."

"This sign mocks extremists in a witty and humorous manner."

Equality for sure, on the National Mall on October 30, 2010 in Washington, D.C. Jeff Snyder/PictureGroup via AP Images

"I fought Nazis and they don't look like Obama."

"Marry me, Colbert."

"Signs are an impractical medium for civil discourse."

"Everyone Poops"

"Matt Damon."

"Birthers for Hawaii statehood."

"Jews against frivolous Hitler comparisons."

"Somewhat irritated about extreme outrage."

Jim Rothe, left, and Paul Fouschia, both of Cincinnati, dressed as the "Blues Brothers" at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010. The "sanity" rally blending laughs and political activism drew thousands to the National Mall Saturday, with comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert casting themselves as the unlikely maestros of moderation and civility in polarized times. AP

"stark raving reasonable."

I need tickets."

"Big Signs are for Bullies."

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