Jon Huntsman's daughters spoof Herman Cain video

Herman Cain received a good deal of attention for the bizarre web video his campaign produced starring his chief of staff Mark Block. Now it looks like Jon Huntsman's lagging campaign is hoping to ride on Cain's coattails with a video spoofing the Block ad.

Huntsman's three oldest daughters -- Liddy, Abby and Mary Anne -- star in the spoof, all wearing large eye glasses and fake, bushy mustaches (like Block.) Mimicking Block's staccato, monotone speech, the Huntsman daughters vouch for their dad, who served two terms as Utah's governor and as U.S. ambassador to China.

"We strongly believe that our dad has the experience and proven track record to revive America's economy and create jobs," one daughter says. "Even if we didn't believe that... we'd still have to be here."

Instead of taking a puff from a cigarette at the end of the video, as Block does, the Huntsman girls all blow bubbles at the camera. The three daughters have been Tweeting to support their father under the handle @Jon2012Girls.

Huntsman and his wife Mary Kaye have seven children, including two adopted girls from China and India.

The latest CBS News/ New York Times poll shows Cain in the lead among Republican primary voters with 25 percent, while Huntsman garners only 1 percent.

Watch the original Cain video below.