John Kennedy on Democratic split on Trump's impeachment: "Go hard or go home"

Kennedy: Trump "known to play with fire but not live hand grenades"

Sen. John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, slammed congressional Democrats for what he portrayed as their indecisiveness in determining whether to launch an impeachment inquiry against President Trump or work with Republicans on bipartisan legislative efforts. 

"Impeachment polls right up there with skim milk among the American people," Kennedy said on "Face the Nation" Sunday. "But my advice to my Democratic friends is, if you want to do it, go hard or go home."

"Go to Amazon online, buy a spine and do it," he added. 

Since special counsel Robert Mueller released his report in March — and reiterated the key findings of his two-year probe in a rare public statement last week — House Democrats have been divided over whether the Judiciary Committee should initiate an impeachment inquiry into the president's conduct. The move would allow the panel to draft articles of impeachment against Mr. Trump if Democrats deem them necessary.  

Although more than 50 Democratic lawmakers in the House and many 2020 presidential contenders have now vouched their support for an impeachment inquiry, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and most of the party's leadership in Congress have advocated for a more cautious approach, arguing that impeachment might turn out to be a political gift for the president, who thrives on confrontation. They've also urged their caucus to allow the investigations led by different committees to carry on and unearth more information. 

Kennedy said an impeachment campaign by his Democratic colleagues would not only be deeply unpopular but would also exacerbate the political gridlock in Congress.     

"I hate to waste a year and a half," he added, referring to the time left until the 2020 presidential election. 

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