John Dickerson checks in with New Hampshire Trump voters on the president's progress

Last Updated Nov 12, 2017 1:00 PM EST

It's been one year since Donald Trump was elected president and some New Hampshire Trump voters say that the country is doing better now than it was just one year ago, citing a strong economy and Mr. Trump's efforts on key platform issues like immigration reform. But some claim Congress and party division are to blame for some of the blemishes on Mr. Trump's time in office thus far. 

Here are some of the takeaways from Trump supporters in New Hampshire:

Some voters say America is lacking "moral leadership"

"When I think back, you know, when I was younger, like, we looked up to Eisenhower. I personally liked Kennedy. We really don't have that cut and dried person anymore. When Reagan was in office, people looked up to him. We haven't had that," said supporter Dennis.

Dennis added, "I wouldn't say lacking morals, but he's not leading like that. Like a moral leader."

Trump voter Peter said, "I think that any kind of cultural renewal that happens will not be done in any reference to him. This is something that has to happen between people."                     

Criticism of Trump being a "bully" is "unfair"

"It's how people perceive him. Some people say he's a bully, other people say he's more aggressive or showing his power. You don't get to the level of where he is without some kind of aggressiveness and what people perceive as being a bully. And he's loud and he's obnoxious, and I still like him," said supporter Dennis.

Voters find Congress is not making things better for the country

"I think that they have become so entrenched with each other, and everybody's helping everybody else. They can't get anything done. And it's not Democrats or Republicans, it's every one of them," said supporter Diane. 

Voter Terry echoed that, saying Congress "ought to follow their party platform and whatever stems from that. The GOP has a majority in Congress, Senate, and the presidency. And they're not working together. And it's shameful. It destroys the party, in my view. Just creates more Independents. "                                  

For more on Dickerson's roundtable with New Hampshire voters, watch the full interview above.