Jobs "summit": navigating still-bleak landscape

The latest government data indicates the economic recovery's jobs engine has stalled.

The Labor Department says only 18,000 jobs were created last month, and the unemployment rate edged up to a stubbornly-high 9.2 percent. And the number of new private sectors jobs in May was revised downward, to 25,000 from 50,000.

Against that backdrop, "The Early Show on Saturday Morning" held a jobs "summit," with two top experts on getting ppositions joining co-anchor Rebecca Jarvis to share job-seeking pointers with a dozen people from several, varied fields. Jarvis is also CBS News Business and Economics Correspondent.

On-hand were John Challenger, CEO of outplacement giant Challenger, Gray & Christmas, and LinkedIn Connection Director Nicole Williams.

Participants and their industries were:

Amy Goehner, journalism, jobless 19 months

Micael Westerholm, business development, age: 50, jobless six months

Shelley Tibbetts, public relations, age: 24, jobless 26 months

Steve Peckman, customer service, age:48, jobless 8 months

Allison Algers, sales and marketing, age 46, jobless 7 months

Ashley Taubman, recent graduate, age 25, jobless 2 months

Todd Obolsky, business writer, age 46, jobless 20 months

Kurt Beyer, recent graduate, age 22, jobless one-and-a-half months

Edmond Handwerker, e-commerce, age 27, jobless 7 months

Kira Whiteley, community development, age 25, jobless 10 months

Daniel Worth, finance, age 27, jobless 2 months

Ryan-Ashleigh Reid, actor and drama coach, age 23