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Job Seekers: New Tech Tools You Should Know About

When you're looking for a job, it's imperative to get your name out there and stay connected wherever you are. Two tech tools announced in the past week -- a search engine innovation from, and a mobile app from -- have you covered on both bases. Try them out -- and feel free to review them in the comments section below.

Indeed Resume
For the job seeker, Indeed Resume acts as a middleman, hiding contact information and, if requested, your name. Employers contact potential employees through, sort of like an E-Harmony for job seekers, and messages come from the site. You can upload details from LinkedIn or your existing resume, or create a new one. For folks that are not totally committed to leaving their job yet and don't want to risk posting their resume somewhere publicly, this can be a good way to explore opportunities, although a savvy-eyed HR person might still be able to figure out who you are from your details. And for those that are unemployed and don't face this risk, Indeed Resume is a great way to get noticed fast.'s BeKnown App If you're not already familiar with it, BeKnown is's professional networking app for Facebook. It allows you to add people to a special professional section of your page, so the lines between business and pleasure are much less likely to be blurred (I've discussed before how important it is to use Facebook carefully to support your career, not sabotage it). Last week, announced that it is bringing BeKnown to both Android phones and the iPhone. With both apps, you can exchange messages with work contacts, view network updates, search for jobs on Monster, and see new jobs posted by connections. I think this will be a useful tool for Up In The Air types who are always on-the-go, super-networkers (or those who want to be), and those that are very active on Facebook and want reassurance that their work contacts won't see after-work antics.

What are your favorite tools or apps for job searching? Please share in the comments below.
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