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Job Search Engine Tips for Better Job Hunting Results

Looking for a new job can be a daunting task -- indeed, it can be a job unto itself, albeit one without any sort of paycheck. If you haven't developed any sort of system for searching through page after page of job listings on the major job search engines, you might be wasting a lot of time and mental energy.

If you find yourself in this conundrum, there's help. Recently, MakeUseOf described four simple tips for getting better results from the major job search engines. Here are the highlights:

Search by industry. You can save a lot of time by narrowing your search to your specific industry. Most search engines let you filter results by industry for more relevant results.

Search by company. You might not always know what companies you're looking for, but if you do, scoping the results to a specific company will let you see what's available in a click or two.

Filter by words and phrases. Take a moment to check out the search engine's advanced search options. You can generally search for job descriptions with specific words or phrases, which helps you find -- or disregard -- certain results right away. You can also search by salary range and other criteria.

Filter out the nonsense. You can eliminate the noise from search results by using filters to only display new job postings, for example, or only see results which match your educational background.