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Watch Jimmy Kimmel's emotional tribute to David Letterman

Jimmy Kimmel could barely keep it together as he bid farewell to David Letterman.

On Tuesday, the host of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" shared an emotional tribute to the departing "Late Show" host, recounting the impact Letterman had on his life.

He recalled first watching Letterman on "Late Night" when he was a young kid staying up late to draw, and how he once had a "Late Night" birthday cake and vanity license plates on his first car.

"We had no VCR, so I would have David Letterman viewing parties at my house in the middle of the night," he shared. "My friends who also loved the show would come over -- my parents would be asleep -- at midnight and we would drink soda and watch the show. Looking back, I figured out why none of the girls at school wanted to have sex with me."

As Kimmel continued, the tears started flowing -- particularly when he noted how he wouldn't be hosting his own late-night show if it hadn't been for Letterman.

"The reason I have this show is because the executives at ABC saw me when I was a guest on Dave's show -- and hired me to host this show. So I want to thank Dave and his writers and producers," an emotional Kimmel said.

He then reminded his audience that Wednesday is Letterman's final night as host of the "Late Show" and encouraged everyone to watch that instead of his own show, which is airing a rerun.

"Dave is the best and you should see him," Kimmel said.

Watch his whole tribute below: