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Jim Webb withdraws from Democratic presidential race

In a campaign 2016 surprise, presidential candidate Jim Webb has dropped out of the Democratic primary
Jim Webb: Views no longer compatible with Democratic Party 01:14

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb announced Tuesday that he is dropping his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination and will consider running as an independent in the coming weeks.

"I'm withdrawing from any consideration of being the Democratic Party's nominee for the presidency," Webb said at the National Press Club.

He said his views are "not compatible" with the power structure and nominating base of the Democratic Party and that its hierarchy is "not comfortable" with his policies.

"How I remain as a voice will depend on what kind of support I'm shown in the coming weeks," he said, adding, "I'm thinking about all of my options."

Political candidates are being "pulled to the extremes," said Webb, who said that more Americans consider themselves politically independent than Republicans or Democrats.

Webb said he proudly served in President Ronald Reagan's administration as a Republican and served in the Senate as a Democrat.

"Americans are disgusted by this talk of Republicans and Democrats," he said. "The other party is not the enemy, they're the opposition."

That last line appeared to be a swipe at Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who named Republicans as one of her many enemies at last week's Democratic presidential debate.

Webb, who has registered little support among voters in presidential polls, raised just $696,972 since Nov. 2014. His campaign has $316,765 in the bank.

CBS News' Hannah Fraser-Chanpong contributed.

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