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Jim Gaffigan on sharing dinner with the masses

Jim Gaffigan serves up dinner online, every night
Jim Gaffigan serves up dinner online, every n... 02:43

Well! This is my 8th weekly commentary during this time of quarantine.  Eight! Can you believe it? Who knows, maybe in a hundred years, someone will watch a couple of these commentaries and think, "Wow, during that pandemic people really got pale."  Ha ha, kidding. We all know the world won't last another hundred years.

I do appreciate the opportunity to check in and do something besides stop my five children from trying to kill one another. And the cleaning! Oh my gosh, I had no idea how exhausting it was to watch my wife clean all day.

It's time for "Cleaning With the Gaffigans." CBS News

Another kind of creative outlet I've engaged in during the shut-in has been having dinner with my family streamed on Youtube every night.  It started as a silly show where maybe we'd invite people in who are separated from loved ones, or people who wanted a break from the news.

I am sure some people just watch so that they can see children with uncombed hair eat food prepared by a man slowly losing his mind.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan serves up a nightly "Dinner With the Gaffigans" on Youtube.  YouTube

Pretty quickly we turned the show into a fundraiser, so that we could raise funds for the frontline and to help out the food insecure. It's not much, but it's something.

The biggest surprise with "Dinner With the Gaffigans" is that we have done 59 of them. That's right! That's more than I've done of just about anything. Fifty-nine? Most television shows, like "CSI: Whatever City They Are On Now," they'll do, like, 26 episodes. We've done 59!

And you know how much I've been paid? Nothing! I need an agent.

Be safe, everyone. 

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Story produced by Sara Kugel. Editor: Lauren Barnello.

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