Jevon Wameling, N.Y. father, reported infant son missing two weeks after disappearance, police say

Lavon Wameling
CBS Albany
Levon Wameling

(CBS/AP) UTICA, N.Y. - Police in Utica, in upstate New York, say they're searching for a 9-month-old boy who was last seen in late May but whose disappearance wasn't reported to authorities until this week.

Police tell local media outlets they learned about Levon Wameling's disappearance from an attorney for relatives on Tuesday, June 11. The lawyer said that 27-year-old Jevon Wameling told him he'd left his son on the front porch of his Utica home late on the night of May 29 and went around to unlock the back door.

Police say Wameling said by the time he got into the house and opened the front door, the baby was gone.

Authorities say Wameling didn't report his child missing until relatives confronted him about the baby's whereabouts. Police say the child's mother was in rehab when the baby disappeared.

According to The Utica-Observer-Dispatch, police have been searching wooded areas for clues and they currently consider Wameling as a "person of interest." 

CBS affiliate WRGB reports that Utica police are asking anyone with information about the missing child's whereabouts to call 315-223-3501,  315-223-3503, or 315-223-3510.