Bush: Trump won't apologize; Clinton on out-Trumping Trump

What the 2016 presidential candidates are saying on the campaign trail:

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks at the La Casa de Esperanza school where he and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke about education reform, in Waukesha, Wisconsin November 9, 2015.
REUTERS/Darren Hauck

Jeb Bush: Will Trump start disparaging our allies?

"He's not going to apologize for anything, he's not a serious person. It's hard to imagine him being president of the United States. If he gets upset, is he going to start disparaging our allies?" Bush said. "This lack of seriousness is a serious problem for our country. If a guy -- capable as he is as a politician -- became president, has no clue what he's doing, that's a dangerous thing." -- interview with Iowa Press, public television

Jeb Bush: On Carson -- refugees aren't dogs

"And I don't think that refugees are dogs. That's ridiculous," Bush continued. "I don't think we should be tracking people unless there is well-founded evidence that people are preparing to attack us." -- interview with Iowa Press, public television

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at an election campaign event in Orlando, Florida December 2, 2015.
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Hillary Clinton: Out-Trumping Trump

"We are hearing a lot of different things -- aren't we -- from the Republicans running for president. They seem more interested in saying who can say the most offensive and insulting comments. You have heard that they have said. They have insulted Latinos, women, Muslims. They are determined to absolutely insult everybody before this is over. They are out-Trumping Trump. Well, I have one word for them, Basta, enough. Let's end this." -- organizing rally in Orlando, Florida