Jeb Bush on "losing the primary to win the general"

Last December while speaking at a conference put on by The Wall Street Journal, Republican presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, told the audience that the Republican nominee would have to be willing to "lose the primary to win the general." The comment seemed to imply that the primary process could force Republican candidates into embracing ideas too extreme to win the general election. This week on "Face the Nation," host John Dickerson, asked the former Florida governor if that's how the race for the GOP nomination was shaping up.

"Not at all," Bush said. He clarified his original statement saying, "What I meant by what I said and I hope people understood this is that you have to be true to who you are. You have to be authentic and genuine first and foremost if you're to be elected to lead and serve."

During the interview on "Face the Nation," Bush referred to his time as governor of Florida as an example stating, "we disrupted the old order and applied conservative principles and we won."

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