Jazz Up PowerPoint with 165 Professionally Designed Templates

Last Updated Jan 23, 2011 11:40 PM EST

Most doctors prescribe PowerPoint presentations as a sleeping aid. It's not necessarily the presenter's fault; PowerPoint comes with a small assortment of boring templates, so after you see about a dozen decks, they all look the same. Indeed, I can't remember the last time I saw something visually compelling in a PowerPoint pitch.

Well, get ready to shake things up. Microsoft has just released 165 superb PowerPoint templates for free. These are all new -- not just reheated leftovers you've kind of already seen before. And they're not just pretty -- they're functional, practical templates that include animations, transparency, 3D text, SmartArt, and more. Every template can be used as is, or you can follow the directions included in the slide's notes area to customize it to your needs.

The slides are divided into categories like business presentations, demos, medical and healthcare, training, and more. Just the antidote for chronic PowerPoint sleep syndrome.

You can find Microsoft's announcement about the templates on the Office blog -- when you're there, watch the highly entertaining short video. Then cruise over to the template library.

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