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Jason Calacanis: Gen Y Job Hoppers Are Destroying America

Gen Y: A Super Villain Destroying America?Last week blogger and serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis sent out an email newsletter with the title "Red, Jackson, Gen Y & Loyalty," which starts out with a discussion of the decline of basketball (not my area of expertise) and leads on to this startling assertion:
We live in a decaying empire and if you want to know what's killing us, it's not the Chinese, bankers or politiciansâ€"it's the trophy generation. Not all of Gen Y, you can never paint with that wide of a brush, but the majority of them seem to lack killer instinct but have excel at entitlement.
What got Calacanis so riled up? A midnight email from a Gen Y employee informing the boss that, after just a year with the company, he was quitting. The result for the soon-to-be-ex-employee: a nasty reply. Result for the general reader: Calacanis's thoughts on Gen Y:
My belief is that one third of Gen Y kicks ass. I meet these folks at TechCrunch50, Open Angel Forum and on This Week in Startups all the time. I love them. They inspire me and give me hope.... However, the majority of Gen Y seem to operating under the bizarre rallying cry of: More money! Less responsibility! Shorter hours! No stress! More freedom! It's all about me!

It's so obvious to me why our country is spiraling like a regional jet piloted by a $9 an hour, 20 year-old pilot with under 1,000 hours of flight time.... If you leave after a year, you don't get a ticker-tape parade and you don't get celebrated.

He also offers instructions for this wayward cohort of kids on how to quit right:

  • Here is a basic script for a situation where you absolutely want to leave a job: "Boss, this is hard for me to say, so I'm going to just come out and say it: I'm resigning today. Don't worry, I will give you as much time as you need to transitionâ€"within reason. It's not personal, but I really want to take on this challenge at company TKTK. I understand if you don't want me here in the office as a distraction to the rest of the team. Please let me know how I can help us all have a really smooth transition."
  • Here is a basic script for the situation where you would rather stay, but need for some things to change in order to do so: "Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today, Boss. I wanted to let you know that I'm considering leaving the company and have received a compelling offer at company TKTK. However, I would much rather stay here if a couple of small things could change. Would you like to hear what those things are?"
The advice on quitting seems sound and Calacanis obviously has strong feelings on the matter of job-hopping and entitlement (as do BNET bloggers and reader: here and here), but with energy companies allowing oil rigs to spew oil into the Gulf and formerly admired investment banks facing prosecution, is it really fair to blame Gen Y for America's woes?

(Image of super villain by Mrs. Gemstone, CC 2.0)