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Janet Jackson is the new face of Nutrisystem

Janet Jackson attends the annual Glamour Women of the Year awards at Carnegie Hall on Nov. 8, 2010, n New York. Getty

(CBS) Janet Jackson is the latest celebrity to team up with a weight-loss company. She has signed a deal with Nutrisystem and will soon start appearing in a national advertising campaign featuring the tagline "Janet Jackson got on it, and you can too."

"Dieting never worked for me, counting calories never worked for me, and denying myself the foods I love never worked for me. I needed a better plan," Jackson said in a statement.

The singer joins a host of celebrities getting on board with weight-loss brands. Jennifer Hudson is the spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, and Mariah Carey is now a part of Jenny. There are also reports Jessica Simpson may ink a deal with Weight Watchers.

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