Jackson's Moonwalk Rocks On

Michael Jackson filming the 1991 music video for "Black Or White."
AP Photo
Michael Jackson may have left us, but his moonwalk hasn't.

In honor of the "King of Pop," Studio Brussel (Stu Bru), a radio station in Belgium, created a Web site called the "Eternal Moonwalk". There, fans from across the world can upload video of themeselves or their friends as the perform Jackson's signature dance. The clips, which begin with a Jackson performance at his Neverland ranch, continue in an endless loop.

To keep the flow of the Moonwalk going, everyone has to dance in the same direction - backwards- and have their hands and feet visible on camera.

Moonwalkers of all ages, shapes and sizes - some dressed like the pop star and others in silly costumes - show off their attempts to emulate the singer.

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Viewers get a glimpse of everything from the marshes of the Netherlands to the backyards of England to offices of New York City. A guinea pig and an animated version of Jackson even glide across the computer screen.

Some Moonwalkers are so skilled that they have Jackson's motions down to a science, while others make an attempt, but really don't demonstrate rhythm.

Even if you don't like the way these Jackson fans - human, furry or animated- dance, you will see the "Eternal Moonwalk" as a testament to the huge impact that Jackson had on the world.