Jack Daniel's Meat Comes to Supermarket Shelves

Last Updated Sep 16, 2009 12:28 PM EDT

When you think Jack Daniel's, do baby back ribs and barbecue pulled pork and chicken come to mind?

They're working on that. Jack Daniel's has partnered with California-based Completely Fresh Foods to produce a line of refrigerated ready-to-eat meat entrees. The companies have been testing the products for about a year now and are ready to go national.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is a key ingredient. "The unique mellow taste of Jack Daniel's has long been recognized for adding a delicious touch to marinades and sauces and we have enjoyed great success with Jack Daniel's brand grilling sauces, mustard and other products," said David Dorsey, a VP at Brown-Forman Corporation, Jack Daniel's parent company.

I knew nothing about these sauces, which is why the idea of a whiskey maker suddenly launching meat products struck me as amusingly bizarre. But it's a good time for it -- because of the recession, people are spending more at grocery stores and less at restaurants, and instant ribs could prove a popular item. Assuming, that is, that they're actually any good.

  • Katherine Glover