<i>You</i> Tell <i>Us</i> "Where's the Line"

"I'm talkin' about ethics..." So begins the 1990 Coen Brother's picture, "Miller's Crossing," a noir tale of Chicago mobsters rife with ethical dilemmas concerning honor among thieves.

In the film, rival gangland bosses vie for control of a city while grappling with conflicting loyalties, obligations and opportunities for gain. Everyone struggles to find the line and finds that, once it has been crossed, mayhem ensues.

It's like that in business, too. You struggle with that line every day. You know what it's like.

That's why, starting today, William Baker's "Where's the Line?" will take a new tack. William will be posing a new ethical dilemma each week and asking you to tell us where the line is based on your own experience and ethical outlook.

And we'll keep that discussion going throughout the week, highlighting your comments, posing more questions, even challenging your assumptions, just as we invite you to challenge ours.