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It's Friday; Do You Know Where Your Marketing Strategy Is?

free-press-for-santa.jpgEvery now and then, you have to put down the spreadsheets and overrated business books in favor of something a little lighter (especially on Fridays). Since it's just a day shy of December, we're obviously way overdue for a Christmas-related post. Just in the (Saint) nick of time, here's a little link love for Start Up Spark -- with just a few handy dandy BNET links thrown in the mix.

From "Santa: Your Marketing Guru" (geared toward entrepreneurs, but relevant for anyone connected to marketing):

  1. Santa uses a time-tested message that works. Each year, every year his message is consistent. Santa never changes his brand because he found one that works for him. All too often, business owners feel the need to jump on the 'next big idea,' even though what's being done marketing-wise is working.
  2. He uses his message to get free press. Yes, he's selling the same thing year after year. But Kris Kringle also knows how to create great new angles to his service each an every year. Business owners need to always be thinking of new ways to create story ideas that appeal to the media, even if the message is the same.
  3. He listens to his customers. Instead of bragging about how long he's been in business or what his credentials are for supervising elves and reindeer, he focuses on what his customers want and need, and tries to deliver it. Entrepreneurs need to stop worrying about how they look on paper because frankly, no one cares. People want to know what you can do for them, not that you have years of experience or multiple degrees.
  4. He's imaginative. Santa knows what looks great in a photo op, and isn't afraid to look silly. I mean, a sleigh and flying reindeer-- now that's a visual that everyone likes to see. We are a visual society. Start looking for great images that will appeal to your potential customers and use them, even if at first people think it's crazy.
  5. He is the epitome of give-to-get marketing. Why is Santa a household name? Because he has built his reputation on trust by giving, not getting. Stop thinking about how to get customers, and start thinking of what your customers' needs are and give it to them. You become the recognized expert and people always want to do business with an expert.
(Free Press for Santa image courtesy of debaird, cc 2.0)
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