"It's anger. Everyone has that feeling inside."

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Last Updated Jul 4, 2014 6:12 AM EDT

JERUSALEM -- Jerusalem was on lockdown Friday as clashes erupted ahead of slain Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir's funeral.

CBS News' Alex Ortiz reports Palestinian protesters clashed with Israeli police in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras al-Amoud, right near the Temple Mount -- a site sacred to Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Khdeir's family says grainy CCTV video recorded the morning the 17-year-old boy was abducted shows the moment he was taken. A car pulls up outside his house, two figures can be seen getting out, and then the car speeds away.

Ortiz reports the teen's body was found early Wednesday morning by police in a forest near his home in East Jerusalem, burned so badly it had to be identified using DNA.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described Khdeir's death as a "reprehensible murder" and called for a swift investigation, which is now underway.

Khdeir's cousin Ansam showed CBS News the room he shared with his brothers. His backpack was still there, ready for school. Until Wednesday, he slept in the lower bunk.

Ansam said his death had already mobilized the Palestinian community.

"It's anger," she told Ortiz. "This is the word I can say. It's anger. Everyone has that feeling inside. Why? Why Mohammed? Mohammed doesn't deserve this."

Khdeir's murder came on the heels of the kidnap and killing of three Israeli teenagers in the city of Hebron, in the Palestinian territory of the West Bank, which Netanyahu's government has blamed squarely on the Islamic militant group Hamas.

Their deaths sparked angry calls from some Israelis for revenge and a swift crackdown on Hamas, with airstrikes by Israeli warplanes on targets in the Gaza Strip, and house-to-house arrest raids scooping up people with alleged links to the group in the West Bank.

Suspected Hamas militants, meanwhile, have fired dozens of rockets into southern Israel in the weeks since Netanyahu accused the group of kidnapping and killing the Israeli teens. The rockets have caused property damage, but no casualties.

On Thursday, Israel bolstered its troop presence along the border with Gaza, a narrow strip of land on the Mediterranean coast controlled by Hamas. Israeli officials called it a "defensive" move, but the reinforcements raised concerns of a possible expansion of Israel's military operations in the Palestinian territories.