ISP: Parking Spot Smackdown

On today's show: A dentist's parking rage; Hillary Clinton's campaign woes; and a writer's strike 101.

Are you a fan of the Rihanna song "Umbrella?" It was one of those songs I listened to on repeat for about two weeks and then forgot about, like most top 40 hits.

But then I found this cover by Mandy Moore. I know, I know. But give it a listen. It's actually pretty good and completely changes the feeling of the song. Plus, it has more chutzpah than the cover by Marie Digby, whose voice doesn't quite have the maturity a song like "Umbrella" merits.

That was my VH1 moment, now back to "Irregularly Scheduled Programming."

WCBS-TV in New York City captured this amazing video of a dentist losing his cool over a parking spot. Frankly, he went a lot further than losing some cool. He's to be charged with assault and harassment according to the reporter.

Check out our show today for two great pieces of video from the Clinton campaign trail. First, a little mishap in Iowa when a row of flags toppled over as Sen. Clinton made her exit.

The second video is from a Q&A at an Iowa town hall. A Grinnell College student says she was told by a Clinton staffer to ask a question about global warming. She did so, and then went and reported the "planted" question incident to the college newspaper.

How often has the campaign done this? They're responding to the story today.